Formentera (5 July – 8 July 2013)

If you are not Spanish or Italian, you probably haven’t heard about this paradise and now it’s time to know about it!

This small island is just next to the famous party island Ibiza.

You can get there only by ferries from Ibiza Port that round trip costs around 42€. It’s easy to buy the ferry tickets just at the Ibiza Port. There are 3 main companies:

26-07-2013 11-22-48

Port of Ibiza

Once you are in Formentera, it’s better to rent a motorbike even if you are going there only for one day (which people usually do)

We usually reserve everything before starting to a trip so that we don’t have any surprise but this time the hotel that we were staying in sent us an e-mail saying that we will get discount from one of the motorbike rental places. (I think it was Moto Pujols – the first one you see when you get out of the ferry from Ibiza) So we didn’t make the reservation but I had a quick look at the price from internet. It was 78€ for 4 days for a Vespa. When we went to the rental office, they told us 4 days of Vespa would cost us 120€ with the discount from the hotel! Luckily, we are in Spain so we can use our 3G without any problem :) So my tip is; don’t believe the discounts you see in anywhere (because also ferry tickets gives you a discount) and book your Vespa online! Another tip: don’t tell them that you don’t know how to ride a motorbike! We studied (!) riding a moto on youtube but we never practised it, but it would be better if we could keep it to ourselves :) At the end, they let us rent the motorbike but it took a while.

Here are the beaches we have visited during our stay:

  • Platja de Ses Illetes.

26-07-2013 11-25-20

Since it is in a natural park, there’s an entrance fee for vehicles, we paid 3€ for the moto and it was easy to find a parking for our Vespa – I don’t think that it would be easy for a car.

I think it is one of the best beaches of the Mediterranean with its white sand and crystal clear water. Only problem is it is a bit crowded during July and August. It’s better to go there as early as possible. Also it’s better to know that the “chiringuitos” of the beach are very expensive. (especially Juan y Andrea – they don’t accept without reservation or you need to wait about an hour to eat, better to walk a little bit and eat in Restaurante Es Ministre )

  • Cala Saona

26-07-2013 12-01-16

It’s a nice small beach but it’s very very crowded. We arrived around 11.30 in the morning and we could barely found a space to put our towels and parasol. However, there are 3 restaurantes in this small beach. We went to the one a bit up in the mountain where this photo is taken. The owners were a bit annoying and not nice, but they had beer so we didn’t complain :)

  • Platja Es Arenal

This one is one of our favourites.  It’s so nice that we didn’t even want to move from there to another place. Also there’s a nice restaurant at the beach with good food and not expensive price.

29-07-2013 14-28-15

If you also feel like staying here for a long time, you can wait for the sunset like we did and go to Piratabus (Platja Migjorn, km 11 ) to have some mojitos and watch the sunset.

Mojitos @ Piratabus

  • Es Caló

29-07-2013 14-38-29

This is a small fisher village.  The beach is a bit rocky but there are definitely less people than other places. If you want to lie down and enjoy the sun without any noise, this is your place. Of course, if you don’t mind rocks!

Here there are not a lot of restaurants. The only we found was from Hostal Rafalet. I can definitely say that it was the cheapest place we have eaten in Formentera. Also the less touristic. If I go to Formentera again, I would like to stay in that hostel instead of the one we stayed in Es Pujols.

2 thoughts on “Formentera (5 July – 8 July 2013)

  1. Congratulations for your new blog ! However, please, don’t promote too much Formentera Island… we have enough with the Italian’s invasion :-))

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