Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2013

I heard that Summer Solstice is celebrated in Stonehenge and it’s possible to go into the stone circle and touch to the stones so we decided to go to Stonehenge!  (Normally it is not possible to go into the stone circle unless you pre-book and pay for in advance of your visit. But it should be outside the normal opening times which are very early in the morning or late in the evening.  You can get more information about Stonehenge from here.)

I also read that in solstice there is a pagan party and I like the idea of being in a pagan festival and being able to touch to the stones in Stonehenge. So I was really excited about this trip.

We arrived around 23:30 to London Stansted Airport and rented  a car before the office gets closed.  (It was one of the things that I was a bit worried about before our trip, even though I read that Hertz keeps the office open, if you have a Ryanair flight)

Once we got the car, we started to drive to our hotel in Salisbury which is 20 minutes away from Stonehenge.  We had to drive around 3 hours and once we arrived to hotel, we had only 45 minutes to have a rest before leaving to Stonehenge to see the sunrise. We stayed in a hotel called City Lodge which was fine to spend a night.

We left the hotel to visit Stonehenge a bit tired, especially Markus, since he also had to drive all the way to Salisbury. It was easy to find the parking and I was getting more and more excited as we were walking to the Stonehenge. ( It’s like more than kilometer to walk on the grass from the car parking to Stonehenge)

On the way to Stonehenge

 Walk from car parking to Stonehenge

Once I get to see Stonehenge, I was not feeling excited any more, I was rather a bit disappointed. It was very crowded and there were many drunk people and it was not like a pagan festival (or at least what I imagined for a pagan festival :) )  Also it was impossible to enter into the stone circle so we only have picture from outside. And as expected, the weather was cloudy and didn’t let us see the sun rise :-( But I am glad that it was not too cold or raining.


Outside the stone circle

31-07-2013 15-31-25

Markus and me outside the stone circle after the sun rise :)


             Inside the stone circle ( the closest we could get :-) )


Finally touching to the stone!


There were these people dancing with the sticks – It wasn’t very interesting but I still took a picture of them :)

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