Vodka Jello Shots

20130803_160417When I first started cooking and reading food blogs (9 months ago), I had seen this jello shots recipe but I didn’t have any chance to try it.

As last Saturday, we had a party, I decided that it was a good opportunity for the jello shots and I regretted why I didn’t know about it before (especially when I was in university :) ) It’s totally easy and fun to make and eat!

I had already vodka and jello at home so it didn’t require any visit to supermarket which made it even easier for me. (yes, I don’t like going to supermarkets)

Before making it, I read many recipes and decided to make my own.  Here is the recipe I used:


  1. one package raspberry Jello (85 gr)
  2. one glass of boiling water
  3. one glass of vodka (very cold) (this part changes in all recipes )


Boil a glass of hot water and mix it with the jello and stir it until all jello melts. Then add the very cold vodka (you can put in the fridge an hour before starting to make the jello.) and stir then put in the shot glasses. Put them in the refrigerator and  chill them until they become firm. ( I waited all night)

Jello shots


  • You can add food coloring to make in different colors. I used Wilton Ice Colors and I was expecting to get purple when I added blue coloring but the coloring was too much that it made all blue. (which I like :))
  • In total I had 19 jello shots
  • In some recipes, you see that it’s enough to wait 2 – 4 hours to become firm but in my case it wasn’t like that. We tried after 3,5 hours and it wasn’t still very firm. I would make them the day before the party to get better results.
  • I also added sweets to make them look even nicer like a cocktail.
  • I have seen in some websites that I should spray the inside of the shot glasses with food spray/oil so that the jello can easily be removed from the glasses but I didn’t do that as I didn’t have food spray and oiling didn’t sound very nice. However, it was impossible to eat the jello without using a spoon so next time I’ll try the pur some oils in the shot glasses.
  • You can find more information with pictures here.

20130803_160328 20130803_160351 20130803_160310


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