Scottish Highlands Tour – Day One

Our tour started at 9 in the morning from Edinburgh. We were asked to be in the meeting point 15 minutes early and we did so. Luckily we did, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to sit together which I think it is a bit unfortunate for a day that you are in a bus around 10 hours. In our bus there were many people from many places but we mostly talked with a very nice Spanish couple that we went out for a drink later in Edinburgh. Seems like Rabbie’s had 3 different buses for the Isle of Skye Tour and our guide was Peter who is a really nice guy who like to talk and tell stories a lot. I will try to remember and write the stories he told as much as I can. However, I cannot promise if I can tell them as interestingly as he does. :-) During our first day of our tour, we stopped in many places to take some photos so I may not remember the places of the all photos but I’ll do my best to remember. (I would ask to Markus but I think he would be worse than me about remembering the name of the places :-)) Our first stop was at Doune Castle. Peter said that it is called “Ladies Castle” as the castle was only inhabited by ladies. It is conserved well as it wasn’t any part of war or anything. 20130820-130059.jpg As you see, we were lucky with the weather so we could have some blue sky in our pictures :-) We haven’t visited the inside of the castle so I am not sure if it is interesting or not. While we were heading to Callendar, we passed through a village called Strathyre that has 5 pubs with a population of 200 people. Peter said that people blame tourists to have that many pubs but I guess someone likes drinking :-) Peter said that Queen Victoria came to visit Callender and she wrote some memories about her trip to Highlands and after that Highlands became popular by other people. In Callender, we stopped for 30 minutes that gave us time to have a walk around and take pictures and taste something delicious called Bridie. I took a picture of the bridie but I am not sure if it looks as nice as it tastes. Hihi 20130820-130353.jpg After that we stopped in our first lake for some pictures. 20130822-143257.jpg We also stopped in a small waterfall and took some pictures but it was not very interesting. (I will add some pictures later) The good thing of the tour was having a lot of stops to take pictures. It also makes the trip less boring. Almost every hour we stopped for something. Some may not like this, but it is good for me. We had our lunch around 13:30 in a town called Fort William. It was nice small town that has a church and a small shopping street. We didn’t sit in a restaurant to eat, instead we went to a pub. After Fort William we stopped in a place to take a picture of a lake that has the shape of Scotland. 20130822-144511.jpg I think it was our last stop and we arrived to Portree around 7 pm. When we were booking the tour, we selected the B&B option like all people in our group. Our B&B Feochan was not in the center, it was 15 – 20 minutes walking distance and Peter told us that dinner is served until 21:00 – 21:30. (It is our dinner time in Barcelona :)) So we quickly left our suitcases and went back to the bus to avoid walking. (yes, walking is not my favorite :)) Portree is a very small city and there is not much to do apart from eating and drinking. I will write about Portree later on.


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