Rafting in el Pont de Suert

Finally we made it! A weekend in a rural house with barbecue just to run away from the city.  We could even add some action to our weekend. Rafting!

We stayed in Collmorter and drove to el Pont de Suert for the rafting which takes around an hour in a country road with fantastic views.

On the way to el Pont de Suert

We were at Noguera Aventura at 9:30 and there were much more people than I was expecting. First, they gave us our dresses and shoes (which were really wet and cold and I look very ugly in it) and then we drove to the start point of rafting. We were a group of 8 people and I was thinking that we wouldn’t be in the same boat. Luckily we were! :)

Ready for rafting :)

Ready for rafting :)

Before going to the water, we all sat in the boat and our guide, Fernando, explained as how to paddle forwards (sp.adelante) and backwards (sp.atras), also the position of stop.  He warned us about the branches of the trees (sp. rama).  At the end, he explained what to do in case we fall into the water. At that point, I started to be a bit nervous, imagining myself in the river going fast through the rocks and finally crush to something. Luckily, it didn’t happen :)  I didn’t fall to the water but I did fall into the boat many times. Sometimes, three of us fell at the same time which was a bit more difficult to get up and sit, but it was still fun :)  Maybe it is because our guide made the all work for us and we were not almost paddling at all :D

While we were rafting, in some points (where the river has a lot of water) they took our pictures and made a cd with 14 pictures of us and of course we bought it! :)

Pont del Suert - Can you find me here? :)

Rafting – el Pont del Suert 

At the end of the day, everyone was happy (even the one that was a bit scared to rafting, no, it’s not me :)) and hungry.  In the offer we bought, the lunch was included (thank god!) to the rafting so we went directly to the center of el Pont del Suert and had our butifarras and get ready for our barbecue day in Collmorter.

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