A weekend away in Collmorter

In our rafting weekend, we rented 2 houses for 8 people in the middle of nowhere that even TomTom couldn’t find it :) Seems like it is known by the owners of the houses so that they put the coordinates on their web site.( Check out the Spanish version, somehow it is not written in the English version) I later found out that a grand total 6 people live in Collmorter according to Wikipedia. So we doubled the population of Collmorter for a weekend :)

We left around 20:00 Barcelona and we were in Collmorter around 22:30 without stopping even though we were 7 in the car, 4 people and 2 dogs. The last bit of the road was very curvy but we, including our three dogs, managed to get the house without vomiting :) When I got off the car, I looked up the sky and I was impressed about the number of stars on the sky and how bright they are. They look like they were very close to me as if I could touch them. I think it was the most impressive sky I have seen after the one in Sahara Desert.

The other group left Barcelona earlier than us so we were hoping that they already started to prepare dinner :) Unfortunately, it wasn’t ready. As we brought all our food from Barcelona, it didn’t take a lot to prepare the dinner – pizza.

The next day after rafting, we had time to walk around the place. It was a group of 7-8 houses with the main one where the owners live. There is a room with chimney that has fantastic view just to sit and chat – I bet it is also nice in winter.


Saturday was full of barbecue, beer and great company. We ate, we drank and we had a lot fun. We couldn’t resist to the blackberries that were everywhere and we picked some which had very nice taste.


And at night, we played a lot of board games with tequila which made everthing even nicer :)

Even though we went to bed around 3 am, we managed to get up early to catch the guided tour at 11:30 to Castell de Mur and Iglesia de Santa Maria Mur.

The entrance costs 5€ but we had a 20% discount as we stay in Cal Soldat. There weren’t much people for the guided visit, we were 10 people in total and unfortunately our guide spoke all in Catalan so I didn’t understand all.

First we visited the castle which was ruined inside and took some photos. We climbed up to the tower and there was a very nice view that you can spot more castles around it.


After that we visited the church (Iglesia de Santa Maria Mur), at this time I stopped listening to the guide because it was too much effort to try to understand him. Before going to the church we pass through a part of the church that I don’t know how to call it (sp.claustro) but below there is a picture :)


Even if I didn’t listen to our guide very well, I heard the story of the painting in the walls in the church. The wall you see in the picture below is not the real one, the original one is Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. According to the story, an Italian guy bought the paintings and run away from Spain and then it is somehow found in Boston. Strange, isn’t it?


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