Blackberry Marmalade

In our trip to Collmorter, we picked up a lot of blackberries so that I can make a marmalade. This was the first marmalade I made so I was a bit excited. :)

Making marmalade is not difficult but you need to be patient. If you boil it at too high a temperature, you will get bubbles which are not good and will need to be removed. Therefore it is important to give it time and let it simmer at a low temperature. But I promise it will be worthed :-)



600 gr blackberry
400 gr sugar
3 tbsp limon juice


1. Wash the blackberries and let them dry
2. Put blackberries in a pot and add sugar on top
3. Wait around 12 hours ( At the end, you will see blackberry juice with sugar)
4. Stir over a very low heat until the sugar has completely dissolved
5. After 50 minutes, add the lemon juice and stir
6. 10 minutes later, check if marmalade is ready by placing 1 teaspoon of marmalade on the plate, and tipping the plate slightly. If it doesn’t spread, it’s ready
7. Put them into the jars when it is hot and close firmly


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