La Mercè 2013

If you think about coming to Barcelona, end of September could be a good time since there is Barcelona’s biggest yearly festival, La Mercè. If you wonder what La Mercè means, it is Barcelona’s patron saint. Although the actual la Mercè is on 24th September, the festival usually starts 3-4 days earlier. There is a lot to do during the festival time for everyone. There are many concerts during the day and night, dance shows, Castellers (human towers) , Gegants i Capgrossos (Giants and Big-Heads) , Correfoc (fire-run) and fireworks. All program can be found here.

I have two favorites in this list:Castellers and Correfoc

I never get bored of seeing them even though I have seen many times. This year I couldn’t go to see Castellers but managed to go to see Correfoc.

  • Correfoc

In the correfoc, a group of people dress as devils and light fireworks. While dancing to the drums, they set off their fireworks among crowds of spectators. You need to be prepared because you can get burned if you stay very close to them. Bringing a scarf to cover the mouth and some long-sleeved tops would protect you from the flying sparklers.

Via Laeitana is closed forCorrefoc and there is a big door which is closed and keeps the devils away until it starts.

This year for the first time, I was standing next to the door and I was able to see the great firework show before Correfoc starts.

La Merce

After watching the fireworks, we decided to be closer to the devils so we went around the back streets to come back out onto Via Laeitana. Then fun began! :) We were just next to the devils – Markus was taking their pictures and I was hiding behind him to protect myself. Some of the devils were really mean (as they supposed to be I guess). Instead of holding the pitchfork on top, they were holding it to the ground so that people who try to avoid fireworks like me could also get some of the fireworks. But it was really fun to try to escape from them. :)


  • L’increïble viatge a la lluna (An incredible journey to the moon)

I love light shows. Every year, there is a 3D light show on the façade of the Ajuntament with a different story. The good thing of this show is, you have many opportunities to see it as they repeat it during the festival 3 times a day. You just need to check the time when it starts. Make sure that you get there at least half an hour early to get a good spot. This years show was called L’increïble viatge a la lluna (An incredible journey to the moon) where the show with music takes you to the depths of the sea, the center of Earth, and to the final destination, the moon, where you discover that the Selenites have special skills in the kitchen. To be honest, This year’s show is not my favourite but it is still nice to see how you give 3D effects by lights.


  • Piromusical

La Mercè comes to an end with Piromusical . It means a show with music, fireworks and a different visual element like fountains. If you like fireworks, this is a must see. You can enjoy the music, fountains and fireworks show for 30 minutes. It starts at 22.00 in Plaza España. Again, make sure that you go there early enough to find a good spot. If you go just before 22.00, you may have to watch the show next to the towers with a big crowd. This year we were in Plaza España around 21.15 and we managed to be close to the fountains. You can also think about bringing some food or drinks because waiting makes hungry :)



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