Finally Isil goes to Isil

I found out that there is a village called as my name in Spain 5 years ago.  Since then, I always wanted to visit it. I think it is too much coincidence that there is a village called as my name and it is in the country that I live. But somehow I couldn’t have the chance to visit.

When I see a cheap offer for a hotel around that area, I thought it would be a good time to finally visit my village. (I don’t know why but I always call it my village :)) So we rented a car as usual and left rainy Barcelona on a Friday afternoon and arrived to our hotel in Areu after  a 3,5 hour drive. The hotel is very nice with nice breakfast but only problem was that we were in the third floor and the floor was too slippery for the dogs so every time we went out, we had to carry them. I don’t know why the hotel did that as they knew that we have the dogs. Anyway, it was a bargain so I think that I should not complain :)

Our hotel - river in Areu - View from our window

Our hotel – river in Areu – View from our window

First thing we did was to visit Isil after having a breakfast in the hotel. It is 45 minutes drive from Areu to Isil and the ride is full of nice views so we enjoyed it a lot.

Panta de la Torrassa

Panta de la Torrassa 

And finally we arrived “my village” :) It is a very tiny cute village that has only one restaurant/bar . I didn’t see anything else apart from very nice houses and a small church (not even a supermarket).  At the end, it was a short visit but I am glad that I have finally been there :)

Isil :)

Isil :)

After visiting Isil, we decided to go to Espot to visit the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park. It is the only national park in Catalonia and I have heard that it is very beautiful. You cannot enter to the park by yourself since the park is protected, you need to take the taxis (4×4 Jeeps)  and pay some amount for the journey depending on which part of the lake you want to go. But it is not very often during the low season so make sure to go to the stop early. As it was already after 14.00 when we arrived to taxi stop and the last taxi was at 17.00 from the park, we decided to go to the park on Sunday to have more time in the park.

So we decided to go to Sort.  This small village is very famous in Spain because of its name. It means Luck and there is lottery shop called La Bruixa d’Or that sells a lot of lottery tickets all over Spain every year. It is also buy the tickets online but I don’t know how it works since we bought our Christmas Lottery ticket directly from there and waiting to be rich after Christmas :) When we arrived there it was closed because of siesta so we waited until 16.30 and when we went there was already a big queue that we didn’t expect to see. I heard that the queue can be a street long when it gets closer to Christmas. They also put a Christmas tree outside to put your wishes on the tree. Markus wished something but he didn’t tell me what it is. He told me that he would tell me when it comes true :)

La Bruja de Oro

La Bruja de Oro

On Sunday, we directly went to Espot again to visit the national park. This time a bit more earlier :) We were very lucky with the taxi as we didn’t wait at all. Taxi left us in front of the Estany de Sant Maurici (Sant Maurici Lake) and we were already impressed with the view. The good thing is it got better as we walked through the park :)

Estany de Sant Maurici

Estany de Sant Maurici

From Estany de Sant Maurici, we started to walk to the Cascada (waterfall) In the sign it shows 30 minutes walking to the waterfall but I think we took more than 30 minutes as we wanted to take the picture of everything :) It is really nice to walk around the park, hearing the birds and sound of waterfalls (there are many small waterfalls on the way to the main waterfall).

On our way to the waterfall

On our way to the waterfall

At the end we arrived to the waterfall and have some food and drink there before climbing up to the next lake. And we were lucky that there was a guy to take our picture :)


Cascada – View of Sant Maurici Lake from waterfall

As we had more time, we carried on walking to the next lake. To be honest, that part was a bit more difficult but not too bad and thanks to that road we could get closed to the waterfall and take some more nice pictures :) Also on our way to the next lake, I have found some raspberries and it was my first time that I eat raspberries from its plant directly. I think it took longer than what it was indicated on the signs to get to the lake. Also the weather was much colder than the first lake. But here we are in the second lake:

Second lake :)

After seeing the second lake, we decided to go back to the town since we still had to drive back to Barcelona. We stopped in Espot to eat as we were hungry after all the walk. We had some omelette with mushrooms that was very delicious and then we head back to Barcelona. End of a nice get away.

Restaurant Juquim

Restaurant Juquim – omelette with pan con tomate

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