Carders Public House: British pub in the Born


Today we went out for a beer around Born. I wanted to go to Mosquito which is an Asian tapas bar. However, the place was packed so we decided to go to the closest place that has beer.

We found this British pub accidentally but I was very happy with the food and the ambience. When we entered it was not very crowded but later it was full of British people as there was a ManU – Chelsea game on TV.

We also had some nachos, patatas bravas, cruyff sandwich (which is a very big sandwich with chicken, bacon, avocado, salad and hand-cut potatos) and chicken wrap with some beers. To be honest, I was not expecting to have such a good food (even though patatas bravas were not real patatas bravas)and the end we left left the place very full. By the way, they also have Sunday Roast on Sundays seems like something typical in the UK.


If you are looking place a British pub in Barcelona center or a place to chat with friends, this can be your place. In the entrance there is a big sofa that looks very comfortable to have lazy afternoon.

Below I also put the picture of the menu so that you can have an idea of the type of food they have and prices.


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