La mes petita : Microbrewery in Barcelona


I fell in love microbreweries when I went to Prague last December. Since then I was looking for microbreweries in Barcelona but seems like there are not many options.

Last Saturday, there was supposed to be a homemade beer festival as a part of Sant Antoni neighbourhood festival but it was cancelled. Suddenly I remembered about this place so we could taste some different kinds of beer.

The bar’s name means “the smallest” in English and it’s very true. It can be only 2 m² but surprisingly it has a toilet as half size of the bar :)

They have 6 different types of beer that some of them are really strong. The strongest called “Ibuprofano” :) We wanted to drink that but they already ran out of it even though it was not very later. Maybe next time…


So we had Amber and Alber Ipa no1 which is the new one. I definitely like the new one as Amber tastes a bit weird. I don’t know a word that describes it, Markus describes it as “wooden pub floor scrapings” (whatever it is :))


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