Bibimbap : My new favourite dish


Last Saturday, before visiting Hospital de Sant Pau, we went to this nice restaurant to have lunch.

I was very excited about the food as I have never been in a Korean restaurant before. We are told that it is better to reserve a table since it gets full very easily especially if you go with groups.

After checking the menu very carefully, we decided to have some sushi and gyozas (they called it as ravioli in the menu) to share and four of us went for the same main dish: Bibimbap.  It literally means “mixed rice”. It is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with vegetables and chili pepper paste (it was really hot!). We had also a raw or fried egg on top and minced meat.  After waiting like 30 seconds,  we stirred all ingredients  together thoroughly. You see how egg gets cooked while you are stirring the ingridients. It’s a lot of fun!



 I don’t know if I liked that dish a lot because I was very hungry that day or if it was just delicious. Maybe the second one as all four bowls were empty at the end. :)

They also brought some Korean tapas of soya, fish pasta and some other vegetables but they are not my favorites. My favorite is Bibimbap and the very nice wasabi ice cream that we had as a dessert. We also ordered chocolate ice cream with red pepper but I think wasabi ice cream was nicer.


At the end, I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you would like to taste some Korean food or if you are just around Sagrada Familia or Hospital de Sant Pau for a visit and you just want to try something different. 

I am also adding some part of the menu for more details.


Address: Avinguda de Gaudí, 70, 08025 Barcelona

Telephone: 934 50 26 17





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