Bier Cab : Bier Heaven


I think this bar’s name should be Bier Heaven instead of Bier Cab as they serve around 30 beers from the tap and many more bottled beers.

They have free wifi that is used to check their website for the menu of the beers from the tap so that you don’t have to walk to the bar every time you want a different beer. Waiters are also nice enough to recommend you beer if you tell them what you want. Also they give you a free tapas with your beer which is very uncommon in Barcelona.

We had also ordered some tapas ; nachos con guacamole and huevos estrellados con jamon serrano. Nachos came with a very artificial guacamole so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you cannot find anything to eat :) On the other hand, huevos estrellados con jamon serrano were very delicious.


We tried as much beer as we could and here is the list of the beers we tried: 20 Isil , 21 Markus, 24 Thiago, 28 Melissa, 21 Markus,22 Melissa,19 Thiago, 29 Isil. Yes, we wrote them down all :) I think the worst one amongst them was 28, it was a very sour for my taste. 19 was like an ordenary beer and my favourite was definetely 20.


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