Avocado-Strawberry Breads




I love strawberry. If it was possible, I could eat all year long. So when it comes to the strawberry season of the year, I am trying to eat as much as I can :)

When I was trying to look for a way to use strawberries in food, I found these strawbery – avocado breads with goat cheese. 3 ingredients that I like a lot! And it is very easy to make it so it is good for lazy days

All you need to do is to cut strawberries in slices and fry a little bit with olive oil (until they are soft enough but not fall apart) and mash avocado with a fork and then put it on the slice of bread. Put the strawberries on top of that and add the goat cheese and put it in oven in 200 degrees until the cheese start to melt. That’s it :)


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