Barcelona Beer Festival 2014


Can you believe that there have been 3 beer festivals in Barcelona and I have only been in one? Somehow I have missed the first two of them but I don’t think that I’ll miss again :)

It was 2 weeks ago on 11th to 13th April in Maritim Museum. It was like a heaven for beer lovers as they had many different types of beer and like a hell as it was too hot inside. :)

We arrived around 7pm and there was already big queue, we were lucky that our friends were waiting for us in the queue :) The entrance was 7€ which includes 2 chips (every beer has a price of those chips – 1 chip is 1€) and a 200ml beer glass that is used to get your beer inside. If you wanted to get more beer, then you had to make another queue inside to buy more chips. Every beer cost 2 or 3 chips and we managed to spent all 14 chips of ours :)

There was also a guide with all the information of the beers that were in the festival. I think there were more than 300 beers listed in the guide from anywhere in the world. Of course not all of them are sold in the same day :) But you can enter with your glass as many days as you want if you really want to try most of them.

It was really very hot and crowded as it was around 9 pm that it was almost impossible to stay inside and also had to wait to get the beer. They had an unefficient way of announcing the beers that are available so it was a bit difficult to find out if they really sell the beer that you have selected from the guide. All available beers were written in a big black board and every time there is a new beer, the bell rings. But somehow if you look around the taps, you could find some beers that are not even in the black board. I managed to get my Czech beer just by passing through a tap and they opened it – I felt lucky :-)


We have tried many beers, some of them were really nice, some of them were really strong (11%), some of them very really bitter (most of the artesanal ones) but at the end it was great to be able try as many different as possible :) Next year, I won’t miss it again!


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