Galician Coast: Playa de las gaviotas

Playa de las gaviotas

Playa de Las Gaviotas

I have been living Spain for 7 years now and I have never been in Galicia until last week. I was always avoiding to go there because it rains a lot there. I don’t want to have rain during my holidays.

But this time we were very lucky. It wasn’t raining, in fact it was sunny and hot. So we decided to visit Galician coast in our last day of holiday.

I have been looking for a restaurant next to the sea on the internet but I couldn’t find any. So we decided to go to Porto do Son as it was one of name came up for the places to visit after Noia.

On our way to Porto do Son, I saw a sign “restaurant by the beach” and we quickly turned around and found one of the nicest beach surrounded by trees. And in that small beach, there were 3 restaurants. Unbelievable! Seems like one of us doesn’t know how to use internet :) No, it is not me, the restaurants that do not put themselves on Google :)

The beach was not very crowded – we were the only tourists there – and there were already some people swimming. I don’t know how they do that as the water was really cold.

Playa de Las Gaviotas

Playa de Las Gaviotas

After having our beers at the beach, we went to a restaurant called El mono de Logroño which we sat maybe 2 hours and finally I could have my pulpo a la gallega which was very delicious. Everything was perfect there. It is impossible to believe how nice the people are if you compare them with Barcelona people.

El mono de logroño - Pulpo a la gallega

El mono de Logroño – Pulpo a la gallega



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