Crossing over from Helsinki to Tallinn

After our quick visit to Helsinki, we were ready to go to Tallinn for the next 2 days. We bought our tickets in May for 21st June for 24€ to leave Helsinki at 21.30 and arrive to Tallinn at 23:55 via Viking Lines. There are some other companies but this one had the best time and prices for us.  I was expecting a boat but without much comfort but it was almost as big as a cruise ship but a bit old like it’s from 1990s :)

Viking Lines

Top Floor – Outside at 21:30

Inside of the ship was not very new but it was clean. Seemed like there were some rooms if you wanted to sleep in the lower decks but I think it is not very needed for a 3 hour trip.

There is a deck with restaurants (if you buy online it’s cheaper) and another deck with bars. There is also a duty-free shop inside the boat. I saw many people buying drinks from there but I don’t know if they are really cheap or not.  It was surprising for me that there is even a night club and people seemed to enjoy a lot. (Below picture in the middle)




We preferred to sit in one of the bar where they had live music and had some more Kozels :) When live music ended, karaoke started which was not the best but it was fun to try to sing in Finnish as I was following the lyrics from the screen. I may have slept at some point (it is not easy to stand karaoke of every one :)). But it was very nice to wake up and see that it was still not dark outside. It was really the longest day :)

Midnight at Tallinn

Midnight in Tallinn



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