3 Temples to visit in Kuala Lumpur

We have been in Kuala Lumpur as part of our honeymoon for 3 days and we tried to do as much sight-seeing as possible. There is a lot to write but I would like to start with these temples as they are all very close to each other and shouldn’t be missed if you like temples.

When you are in Kuala Lumpur, one of the must seen place is the China Town and these 3 temples are in China Town with a walking distance to each other.

We came to China Town after visiting the lake gardens by taxi (cost 9 RMs after bargaining which starting at 20 RMs) but can be reached by metro with the closest stop Pasar Seni. Once you are there it is very close all the temples.


Guan Di Temple

This Guan Di (God of War) temple which is built in 1888 is one of the oldest temples with finest traditional architectural features. Unfortunately, the entrance was under maintanence like many things in KL but inside was very impressive.

The god of war was China’s greatest warrior and Chinese come to worship Guan Di to seek protection and make wishes. Inside, we have seen many Chinese praying after they lit up the incense which is bought inside the temple.


Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

It is a Hindu temple that was built in 1873 which is almost opposite of Guan Di Temple. It is not allowed to enter with your shoes even if they are in your bag. It is possible to leave them for 20 sents but we preferred to keep them ourselves and entered the temple alone while the other one is outside waiting with the shoes.

Even if you cannot enter for some reason, I think it is worth to see the 23-meter high 5-tier pyramid-shaped gate tower where there are many tiny little Hindu Gods in it.


If you can make it to inside, you will see that it is a very colorful temple with Hindu Gods and I think it is my favourite temple of the 3 temples that we have visited.

Sze Ya Temple

This is the oldest Taoist temple in KL built in 1864.

It is just 4 minutes away from the other temples but it is hard to spot it as the entrance looks a garage. We managed to miss the entrance even though we have the exact address :) Look for a garage looking entrance just after Petaling Street.

This temple is also full of incenses but it is not as big as Guan Di Temple.


Top right picture is the entrance :)


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