Sunrise in Borobudur Temple

We came all the way to Borobudur to see the sunrise but noone told us that it would be difficult to get up at 4 in the morning but it was worth it.


In order to see the sunrise at Borobudur a special ticket must be bought in Manohara Hotel as it is in the temple area, there is a discount if you stay in that hotel.

So we left the hotel around 4:20 am and arrived at the hotel at 4:30 am and bought our tickets. The package includes torch, tea and snacks and a souvenir.

There is a short distance to walk from hotel to temple and some high steps to climb to get to the temple. Sunrises around 5:15 am so we found a spot and waited for the sunrise. It was a bit cloudy so I was a bit disappointed with the view at first but later on the view was incredible. It was one of the nicest sunrise of my life.


The advantage of the sunrise package is also taking some nice pictures of the temple when it is not very crowded.

We spent around an hour walking around the temple and taking pictures and we head back to the hotel and have some tea and snack. There was a fried pastry with banana and coconut cream with sesame seeds rolled in a leaf which had a not good not bad taste. After that we were ready to visit some more temples :)


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