One day in Borobudur

We took the plane at 9:45 from Kuala Lumpur and arrived to Yogyakarta at 11:30 (there is one hour time difference between KL and Yogyakarta) to start our trip in Indonesia.

After filling the forms and paying 35$ for the visa, we have been caught by a taxi driver to take us to Borobudur. They asked 325000 IDR and we made it down to 300000 IDR (~20€). First I wanted ask to another companies but it was too hot and we were tired so we just accepted it.

Borobudur is not very far away from Yogyakarta (around 40km) but there is a huge traffic so it took us around one hour 15 minutes to get to our hotel.

We stayed in Graharu Boutique Hotel which 2.4 km away from Borobudur Temple. Even though it is a bit far away from the center, it was very nice to stay in a village where you pass by everyone smiles at you and says “Hello” :) Also it has a very nice garden and people work there are just fantastic.


It was around 2 pm when we arrived to the hotel and it was time to eat. We rented bicycles for 24 hour for 30000 IDR (~2€) and rode to the center.


It was a lot of fun to ride on the road with crazy motorbike drivers :) And first time in my life, I rode on the left side of the road – oh I don’t like the roundabouts at all!

We found a restaurant where there is a small area to eat and it is separated by a curtain and there is the living room of the owners behind the curtain :)


The owners don’t speak much English but we managed to order a chicken noodle soup (Soto Ayam) which was very delicious. I also added some chili pepper sauce which made it even nicer :) We also tried the iced tea (Es Teh) in big glasses that was good after riding the bicycle. I don’t have the address but it is almost opposite of Manohara Hotel which we went for the Borobudur sun rise tour next day at 4:30 am.

We were back in the hotel around 5pm and spent the rest of the day in the hotel resting as we were awake since 6am in the morning and need to get up at 4 am next morning.

Got up at 4 am for Borobudur sunrise tour. After that there were 2 more temples to visit in Borobudur which line up with Borobudur Temple. The relation between these 3 temples is unknown but it is believed that there must a reason to have all in a straight line on the map.

As we had the bicycles, we rode to
Pawon Temple which is on the way to Mendut Temple. Pawon Temple is a very small temple and not much to see. It takes maximum 5 minutes to visit and take pictures.


10 minutes away from that temple there is the Mendut temple which is much bigger than Pawon temple with a big tree in its garden. We paid 5000 IDR for the entrance for both of us but I am not sure why as the entrance was 3500 IDR per person. There are 3 buddhas inside temple. The 3 metres tall statue of Dhyani Buddha Vairocana was meant to liberate the devotees from the bodily karma, at the left is statue of Boddhisatva Avalokitesvara to liberate from the karma of speech, at the right is Boddhisatva Vajrapani to liberate from karma of thought. I managed to take a picture sitting with one of them when there was no one inside :))


Outside the temple there is a monastry that can be visited for free where it is possible to see monks inside.


We went back to the hotel feeling like the day was almost finishing but it was only 8:30 in the morning. We had some breakfast and slept a bit and left the hotel around 12 to go back to Yogyakarta and visit Prambanan Temple.


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