From Bangkok to Phuket 

Hello from Bangkok Don Mueang Airport :) We are now flying to Phuket so I have some time to write :)

Getting to the Don Mueang Airport

After staying 2 days in Bangkok, we are now going to Phuket where we will stay 2 nights. We had the flight at 8.45 from Don Mueang Airport with Air Asia so we left the hotel at 6:30. It is the airport for the low cost airlines which is closer to the city but unfortunately there is no direct metro or train to this airport. We read that it is possible to take sky train to Mo Chit stop and then take bus A1 but after our experience yesterday with the public bus ( we had to wait a lot for a bus to go Chatuchak Market and at the end it even didn’t take us to the market :)), we decided to take a taxi.

How much does it cost?

The taxi from the hotel first wanted to charge us 500 Bahts and then 300 Bahts but we already knew that it was not that much so we got off the taxi and found a pink taxi that accepted to use the taxi meter in front of the BTS Nana station. At the end, it was 175 Bahts with additional toll charge of  120 Baht (50 + 70) that is always paid by the passenger so it is good to keep some change with you. 

How long does it take to get to the airport?

It took around 25 minutes to get to the airport and we quickly passed the security check. Everything was very smooth. At 7 am we were already heading to get some breakfast.

Does Air Asia weigh the hand luggage?

I was a bit worried about our hand luggage weight as it was 9 kg – 2 kg more than what is allowed but at the end we didn’t have any problem. They don’t weigh any luggage, they don’t even check the size of the hang luggage. So basically, I think it is possible to get to the plane with more or less any size of hand luggage unless it is too big. Here is a picture of all our bags and a nice view of Phuket from the plane. :)


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