Rakomelo In Psyyra

In Athens, we started to see a new drink in the menus: Rakomelo (It is also possible that we were only interested in beer in Santorini so we didn’t see this Rakomelo drink :)))

I would expect to know about this drink as it has raki in it but for me it is completely a new thing!

It is basically warm raki with honey. It has a yellow/orange colour with a very nice taste. It does not have a lot of smell of anise like raki has. Maybe it is the reason that I like it a lot. For the ones, who does not know about raki, it is an anise flavoured alcoholic drink and very popular in Turkey that’s why I was surprised that I haven’t heard about it. Raki has alcohol content of %40 so you need to be careful while drinking.:)

Anyway, coming back to Rakomelo…it is served in this small bottle with tiny little glasses. This one is for two which is 250ml and costs 8€ in this lovely bar called Psyyra. You can also order for one which comes even in a smaller bottle.

It is in a lively street called Miaouli (no:19) which is very close to the center – Monastiraki Square. This street is full of bars and restaurant so if you don’t find any tables in this bar, you’ll have many other options. There is no English menu in Psyyra but the waitresses are nice enough to explain what they have.

In our 3 nights in Athens, we went to this place twice as we really like it. I hope you also enjoy as much as we did if you there! :)


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