Looking for the best hamburgers in BCN – Part II : Timesburg

Today we were at the beach at 11:30. It is quiet early for us to be at the beach but seems like not for everyone. It was already crowded and finally we could find an empty place to put our parasol close to the sea.

After having a couple of beers and lying down and do nothing, I started to get hungry. Markus had the idea of having hamburgers so I have found this nice restaurant in Poble Nou: Timesburg


It is about 15 – 20 minutes away from the beach by walking so we appreciated air-conditioned interior space which is really nicely decorated with high ceilings. There is also terrace if you would like to eat outside. 

Once you enter, you should not go and sit at a table like we did :) You should go to the right, grab a pen and paper to select your hamburger. (Where the 3 guys waiting in the picture above :)) They have many interesting kinds of hamburgers with 200 gr beef. You can also select Kobe beef instead of normal beef. There is no price in the menu (at least we couldn’t see) and you find out when it is time to pay. But I don’t think that it is very expensive.

I have ordered “La Massimo” which has dry tomatos, parmesan cheese, onion, sun flower seeds and rocket (not sure if it is the correct word, in Spanish it is rúcula) It was very a big hamburger served with nice bread with poppy seeds around it. I really enjoyed it a lot. Everything was good apart from one thing: Even though, I ordered well done, meat was half raw but I didn’t complain. 

Markus had “Paris 95” which was also very nice but I don’t know what the ingriedients are. I only have the picture :)

Ah…I was about to forget! You should definitely try the french fries. They are really good!


Carrer de Pujades, 168, 08005 Barcelona
Metro: Llacuna (L4)
Beer : Moritz (bottle) – 2€
La massimo: 7,20€
Paris 95: 5,80€
French fries :3€

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