Looking for the best hamburgers in BCN – Part II : Timesburg

Today we were at the beach at 11:30. It is quiet early for us to be at the beach but seems like not for everyone. It was already crowded and finally we could find an empty place to put our parasol close to the sea. After having a couple of beers and lying down and […]

Bibimbap : My new favourite dish

Last Saturday, before visiting Hospital de Sant Pau, we went to this nice restaurant to have lunch. I was very excited about the food as I have never been in a Korean restaurant before. We are told that it is better to reserve a table since it gets full very easily especially if you go […]

Weekend in Costa Brava

Last Saturday was Markus’ birthday and as a part of his birthday present, I have planned a weekend away in Costa Brava. Even though there are many people who have dogs in Barcelona, unfortunately there are not many hotels that accept dogs :( It becomes even harder if you are looking for a 4 or […]

Finally Isil goes to Isil

I found out that there is a village called as my name in Spain 5 years ago. ┬áSince then, I always wanted to visit it. I think it is too much coincidence that there is a village called as my name and it is in the country that I live. But somehow I couldn’t have […]