As a part of our Stonehenge visit, we stayed in Salisbury since all the hotels in Amesbury were fully booked. Salisbury is a nice small town that can be visited in one or two hours. So we took the opportunity before we head to Bath.

There is not much to visit – down town and Salisbury Cathedral.

While you are walking around, you can see a Clock Tower which was built in 1892 by  Dr John Roberts that had the tower built as a memorial for his wife, who had died the previous year.

01-08-2013 11-40-57

Clock Tower – Fisherton Street

Just in front of this tower, there is also a nice bridge.

01-08-2013 11-45-50

Fisherton Bridge

01-08-2013 14-46-45

Salisbury Streets

As we didn’t have much time, we quickly went to the Salisbury Cathedral which is built in 38 years built (1220 – 1258)  and has the  World’s oldest working clock and the best surviving of the four original copies of the Magna Carta (all four original copies are in England).

01-08-2013 14-57-34

On our way to the Salisbury Cathedral

I don’t know why but I always like to visit cathedrals, even if they are small or not important. I definitely like this cathedral a lot. It is a very beautiful gothic cathedral. I have taken many nice pictures of the cathedral and I cannot decide which one to put as I want to put them all :)

01-08-2013 14-50-00

Entrance of the Salisbury Cathedral

01-08-2013 14-52-11

 Old English flags

01-08-2013 14-54-12

World’s oldest working clock

01-08-2013 15-05-03

01-08-2013 15-09-14


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