3 day Iceland Itinetary


First Day – 637 km



  • Arrived to Keflavik International Airport after a 4 h 15 minutes flight at 1:35 in the morning with WOW Air, renting the car with SAD cars and drive to Jökulsárlón – Glacier Lagoon
  • Jökulsárlón – Glacier Lagoon



It is very nice to be next to the glaciers and to be able to touch them and see how they are breaking and swimming to the ocean :)

We also took the boat tour with Amphibious Boat Tour for 30-40 minutes that costs 4 500 ISK (around 30 €) per adult.

I think it is worth it if the weather is nice. It was sunny when we were there and we managed to take some awesome photos. Otherwise, I think it would be enough to stop one of the parking areas before the bridge and go down to the lake.

  • Diamonds Beach



This is just where the glacier lagoon connects to the ocean. There are many glaciers in the black beach and the girl from the tour told us that they call it Diamonds Beach as they are very shiny.

  • Skaftafell National Park

After the parking, need to walk around 15 – 20 minutes to get to the waterfall. We were lucky that the weather was sunny, we could even see a rainbow under the waterfall :)

Skaftafell NationalPark


  • Vik

Very small, cute village. This is where we stayed for our first night. There are only 2 restaurants in the village and they close around 21:30 so no Spanish dinner time :)

  • Airplane Wreckage

If the weather is not rainy, you can go there by car, you don’t need 4×4. It’s really in the middle of nothing but it’s worth to see.

Wrecked Airplane

Hello! :)

  • Black Beach / Dyrholaey

When we got here, it was really windy and cold and we were really tired so we couldn’t go down and next day it was rainy.:(  But if you go there on a nice day, make sure that you go down to the beach and see some basalt sea stacks (Reynisdrangar)


Second Day – 253 km

Golden Circle Tour

  • Breakfast in the hotel in Vik – rainy day :(
  • Seljalandsfoss WaterfallSeljalandsfoss Waterfall


This is one of the nicest waterfalls that we have seen. I would like to see it again on a sunny day. The nice thing about this waterfall is that you can walk around the waterfall. Make sure that you bring some raincoats with you because you can really get wet! And of course a waterproof camera!

But more importantly, you shouldn’t miss the other waterfall just next to this waterfall – Gljúfrabúi Waterfall.

  • Gljúfrabúi Waterfall – Don’t miss it!

Gljúfrabúi Waterfall

It takes around 10 minutes walk from the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall and there are signs so you cannot miss it.  It will be on your left when you are facing to the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. There is no proper entrance for this waterfall – it’s kind of hidden. you need to walk through the water but it’s something else to be next to this waterfall. It is definitely my favourite waterfall in Iceland.

  • Vatnsleysufoss (Faxi) Waterfall


It was on our way to Gulfoss Waterfall so we just stopped by to take a picture.

  • Geysir & Strokkur



  Strokkur erupts about every 8-10 minutes 15 – 20 m high, sometimes up to 40 m high and it’s fun to wait for it to erupt.:)

Tip: Don’t park in the first parking you see when you arrive, go a straight further and there is another parking which takes you directly to the Geysir, so you can avoid walking if weather is called as we were there.


  • Gulfoss Waterfall


Star of the Golden Circle you can walk down through the path and get close to it.

  • Kerið (Kerid Crater)

Kerid Crater

A volcanic crater lake that on our way to Selfoss. There was an entrance fee of 1€ until 6 pm. Seems like there are concerts held in summer because of the great acoustics – heard that Bjork’s is one them.

  • Selfoss – Northern Lights

northern lights 1

Here is the place where we were lucky enough to see the northern lights. It’s impossible how I felt when I saw the lights and pictures do not show enough how nice they are.

Third Day – 110 km

  • Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon

After 2 days of driving and sightseeing, we visited Blue Lagoon to relax. It is very touristic but also nice. We stayed from 9 till 12 and it was enough for us.

Below, I put the route that we took. If you click on the icon on the left of “Iceland” you can see the route by days with the names of the places.


Eggless “Pancakes”

Eggless Pancakes

I have realised that I haven’t posted any recipes for a long time, so I thought it should be this particular one I’m going to publish since it is really delicious. It is an invention of laziness as we were out of eggs at home for breakfast and I was trying to find a replacement for them. After searching a little bit online, I found out that chia seeds can be a good replacement for eggs. Luckily we have a lot of them at home :) Actually it doesn’t taste like pancakes but I don’t know what else to call them. :) It is very easy to prepare and it makes around 18 small “pancakes”.

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Tips for Iceland

Hello! :)

We are back from 3-day Iceland holiday and I already miss Iceland. It is a very different place –  does not look like anywhere else I have been. It is like another planet :)


  Sunrise on our way to Jökulsárlón

And before I forget the details, here are some tips for the ones who’d like to visit:

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Cuddling with elephants in Chiang Mai

A trip to Thailand wouldn’t be complete without elephants. But there are a lot of articles talking about abuse of elephants in Thailand so we tried not to support them by getting a tour from them.

There are a lot of options in Chiang Mai for elephant trekking, caring, bathing…etc. so I did some research and decided on Eddy’s Elephant Care Camping for half day tour.

Thailand Elephant

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Looking for the best hamburgers in BCN – Part II : Timesburg

Today we were at the beach at 11:30. It is quiet early for us to be at the beach but seems like not for everyone. It was already crowded and finally we could find an empty place to put our parasol close to the sea.

After having a couple of beers and lying down and do nothing, I started to get hungry. Markus had the idea of having hamburgers so I have found this nice restaurant in Poble Nou: Timesburg


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