Galician Coast: Playa de las gaviotas

I have been living Spain for 7 years now and I have never been in Galicia until last week. I was always avoiding to go there because it rains a lot there. I don’t want to have rain during my holidays. But this time we were very lucky. It wasn’t raining, in fact it was […]

Weekend in Costa Brava

Last Saturday was Markus’ birthday and as a part of his birthday present, I have planned a weekend away in Costa Brava. Even though there are many people who have dogs in Barcelona, unfortunately there are not many hotels that accept dogs :( It becomes even harder if you are looking for a 4 or […]


  How did we get there? From Barcelona (Sants Estació) to Valencia, there is a train call Euromed which is quite fast (reaches up to 200km/hr) and it takes around 3 hours to arrive. There are also buses that take around 4 hours but there is not much difference in the price of bus or […]

Finally Isil goes to Isil

I found out that there is a village called as my name in Spain 5 years ago.  Since then, I always wanted to visit it. I think it is too much coincidence that there is a village called as my name and it is in the country that I live. But somehow I couldn’t have […]